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BG-Bluegrass / C-Country / D-Deutsches Liedgut / F-Folk / I-Irisch / J-Jazz/Dixie / O-Oldie / P-Pop / R-Rock'n Roll / S-Skiffle

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A song for you to sing (S)

Ain't she sweet (J)

Alabama Jubilee (J)

Amazing Grace (F)

And then I kissed her (O)

Auld lang syne (F)

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Banjo Hello (BG)

Banks of the Ohio (F)

Bei mir bist Du schön (J)

Bill Bailey (J)

Bitter tears (BG)

Black and blue (J)

Blackberry blossom (BG)

Blue moon (F)

Blues my naughty sweety gives to me (J)

Bobby McGee (F)

By the rising of the moon (I)

By the sea (J)

Bye, bye blues (S)

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California USA (S)

Casey Jones (C)

Catch the wind (F)

Chaisin' Rainbows (F)

Chesapeake Bay (S)

Come back Darling (BG)

Country roads (C)

Crying in the rain (F)

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Dirty old town (I)

Dixie (C)

Dixie Darling (S)

Does your chewing gum lose its flavour (S)

Don't think twice, it's all right (F)

Down Younder (BG)

Dr. Jazz (J)

Drunken sailor (F)

Dueling Banjo (BG)

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Early morning rain (F)

El Matador (F)

End of the line (P)

Everybody loves my baby (J)

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Fireman save my child (J)

Five foot two (J)

Flint Hill special (BG)

Folsom Prison blues (C)

Freakers ball (F)

Freie Republik (D)

Freifrau von Droste-Vischering (D)

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Good luck charm (O)

Good morning blues (F)

Great Pretender (O)

Greenville trestle high (C)

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Hallo kleines Fräulein (J)

Heartaches by the numbers (O)

Hello Josephine (R)

Hello Mary Lou (O)

Help me make it through the night (F)

Heute hier, morgen dort (D)

High noon (C)

Highway of sorrow (C)

Honey Pie (F)

Honky tonk momen (P)

House of the rising sun (F)

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Ice Cream (J)

I-feel-like-I'm-fixing-to-die rag (F)

I'll see you in my dreams (O)

I'm going back to my old home (C)

I'm gonna get it (F)

I'm gonna sit right down (J)

I once loved a lass (I)

I saw her standing there (R)

It's time to say goodbye (O)

I've found a new baby (J)

I walk the line (C)

I want a little girl (F)

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Jambalaya (F)

Jesse James (C)

Johnny McEljohn (I)

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Kreuzberger Nächte (D)

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Lady Madonna (P)

La Paloma (D)

Last thing on my mind (F)

Late last night (C)

Leaving of Liverpool (I)

Leaving on a Jetplane (F)

Little brown jug (I)

Love me tender (O)

Love minus Zero (F)

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Maids when you're young (I)

Margie (J)

Miteinander (D)

Mood indigo (J)


Muirsheen Durkin (I)

Music, music (O)

Mysterious Mose (F)

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Nashville blues (BG)

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Oh, Lonesome me (O)

Old Country Waltz (F)

On the road again (C)

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Rainy day women (F)

Ramblin' boy (C)

Ring of fire (C)

Roll in my sweet baby's arms (BG)

Rolling home (F)

Round the bay of Mexico (F)

Route 66 (R)

Running bear (O)

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San Francisco Bay blues (P)

Schön war die Zeit (O)

See you later alligator (R)

Shine (J)

Shores of America (I)

Someone play Dixie for me (C)

Star of the county down (I)

Sugar (J)

Summertime (J)

Sweet little sixteen (R)

Sweet Sue (J)

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The town I loved so well (I)

Toot-Toot-Tootsie (O)

Train, train (F)

Tuck me to sleep (J)

Twinkle, twinkle little star (BG)

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Über den Wolken (D)

Und keiner soll sagen (D)

Under the boardwalk (O)

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Viva la feria (F)

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Walkin' the Dog (BG)

Wann in mein grünes Haus ich wiederkehr (D)

Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht (D)

What does the deep sea say (C)

When my Dreamboat comes home (J)

Whiskey in the jar (I)

Wild Rover (I)

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You got to hide your love (F)

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